If it wasn’t for our email, they’d have lost thousands!

Don’t put this off any longer

A little story about a new Client with a happy ending!

I received a phone call from the owner of a local business who, after receiving 3 of our emails nagging people to MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A BACKUP for their files, decided to ask us to come and test their backup was working and check that it was reliable!!!

Now although we won’t mention any names, they had a company looking after their backup for them and guess what we found? Their backup had failed for the past 314 days!

  • No data backup for almost 1 year
  • No data backup checking for almost 1 year
  • No data backup testing for almost 1 year
  • A very dangerous situation for almost 1 year

We installed an, encrypted remote data backup there and then and within 7 and a half hours all their data wasbacked up and sitting safely and secure in a data centre

This is the lucky bit – the hard drive on their server died 11 days later!! Now they had decided to replace the server anyway so that wasn’t an issue. What would have been an issue is that their business would have stopped trading for good that day if they didn’t have a complete backup of all their files

As much as we keep on about keeping your Company files safely backed up, a lot of people still don’t bother!

Would your business survive if you lost all your files tonight? Statistics show that 43% of businesses that suffer a major data loss – NEVER re-open

Do you still want to take a chance?

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