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Microsoft 365 is the number one suite of software tools used globally. Microsoft Office 365 is essential for high productivity, almost zero downtime and the ability for your team members to work from anywhere in the World.

About Microsoft Office 365

If you are already a London or Kent business using Microsoft 365 but are looking for a new support provider, we’d love to hear from you. We have some fantastic support options and we can transfer your Microsoft 365 tenant (where all the tech stuff goes on) seamlessly. There would be zero impact on your business, it would be a silent transfer.

Office 365
Office 365 Support London

With Microsoft 365 being a cloud solution, we are able to provide support to your business whether you are local, national or anywhere in the World.

Microsoft Office 365 Security

This needs to be taken very seriously! Office 365 ‘out of the box’ may not be as secure as we’d hope. Like any form of security, the type of business and sensitivity of data you process must be protected to a reasonable standard. Multiple layers of security should be deployed, managed and monitored to ensure you have the best defence possible without consuming all the company profits.

BYOD and working from home.

Peace of mind for when employees are working from home either on company or their own devices.

Mobile Device Management, whether it be a smart phone, laptop or home desktop computer. With MDM we can ensure that only compliant devices and users can access your data, again minimalizing the chance of files getting into the wrong hands.

Data Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Although Microsoft has a fabulous uptime record they cannot guarantee against data loss, malware attack or human attack. All our clients will be protected by full our fully automated, monitored and managed data backup solution which runs every single day of the year.

Support for Microsoft Office 365

We’re fanatical about all the IT Support that we provide and this goes for Office 365 too. Most issues, in fact well over 80% of support tickets are resolved within an hour or two.

Just so you know we keep everything in order and will take good care of your systems, we are ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified.

Call us today whether you need urgent Office 354 Support, or have an interest in implementing Office 365 or if you just need a bit of advice. We’re just a phone call away.

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