Letting your team use their own mobile devices for work is great, right?

It gives them the freedom to work remotely without having to carry multiple phones around. And it means you don’t have to shell out on expensive equipment.

Everyone’s a winner!

If only.

This is called Bring Your Own Device – and the truth is there’s a darker side to it. In the worst case scenario, when it goes wrong, you could find yourself losing money and more importantly your business’s good reputation.

You see, two of the biggest technology issues for UK businesses right now are cyber crime and data security. And Bring Your Own Device affects both of them in a big way.

Nearly half a million Brits had their mobile phones stolen in 2016. And a further 10 million handsets are lost every year.

It’s bad enough when those devices are just for personal use. But what about the millions of handsets that are used for work? That’s a lot of sensitive and confidential data that could end up in the wrong hands.

The moment you start giving your staff the freedom to use their personal devices for work, you’re opening up a big can of worms.

The new GDPR data regulations are just around the corner. And if you’re not proactively protecting your customers’ data you could quickly wind up in a lot of trouble with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

If your business suffers a data breach, the best case scenario is you’ll suffer embarrassment and down time. The worst? Huge loss of business, massive fines, and even criminal proceedings.

The reality is most businesses would struggle to recover from that.

But there’s good news. It’s absolutely possible to have a Bring Your Own Device scheme that enhances your business without putting you or your customers at risk.

It just comes down to careful planning, preparation and a robust policy.

Get in touch today and we’ll talk you through a number of bespoke options for your business.

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