Is your business at risk – from something as simple as opening an email?

With staff working remotely and accessing emails from all sorts of devices, keeping emails secure can seem like an impossible task.

There’s the sheer number of emails to consider.

Think of how many people you employ.

Now think of how many emails each one of them sends during the average working day.

Soon adds up, doesn’t it?

Every single day more than 205 billion emails are sent throughout the world. And that figure is expected to top 246 billion by the end of 2019.

That’s an incredible amount of information floating around there in cyber space. So what happens if it ends up in the wrong hands?

Worst case scenario – it could mean the end of your business. The financial and reputational risks of stolen data are huge.

Email is the perfect way for hackers to find their way into businesses. And they’re not just interested in big corporations.

The threat landscape is rapidly changing. Today’s hacker is just as interested in small and medium sized businesses as the big boys.

So don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t be interested in your company because you’re not a household name.

In fact, hackers like to target smaller businesses because they’re usually much easier to get into.

They use all sorts of clever and sneaky ways to hack their way in. Hackers use specially designed software to identify their targets and catch them unawares. And they can be so convincing that anti-virus software alone is no longer enough of a deterrent.

In order to keep your emails safe, you’ll need a combination of the right software, education and strategy.

That’s fine if you’re up to date with all the threats and have plenty of time on your hands. But not so easy if you’re busy doing other important stuff like running a business.

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