Beware of Phishing!

You’ve probably already heard about phishing emails, but do you really know how they work?


And, perhaps more importantly, does everyone in your team know what to look out for?

The hackers who use these scams to get into company computer systems are using sneakier methods every day.

And just like a fisherman spending a relaxing afternoon at the waterside, the longer they’re prepared to wait, the better their catch will be.

Phishing is about luring prey into making big mistakes. Sometimes millions of people are targeted, others it’s just a carefully selected handful.

In phishing scams, cyber criminals set up fake email accounts that look like they’re from trusted sources to trick their victims into sharing information.

They might pretend to be the MD, the CEO, chairman or the IT manager. Whoever they’re masquerading as, there will be a sense of urgency about their email that makes people panic. And they’ll try to get access to sensitive company systems, or get money transferred to them.

You may well be wise to these scams, but are you sure everyone in your staff is as tech savvy? You might be surprised.

The reason these scams are so lucrative is that sensible people get caught out by them every day.

Our new educational guide tells you everything you need to know about phishing scams. And what you need to do to ensure nobody in your organisation gets caught out.

Download your guide on phishing.