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Whats the Benefit From A Virtual Server?

//Whats the Benefit From A Virtual Server?

They’re all going Virtual, well virtually all of them!

So what is this virtual environment that we hear about and how will it save us money?

Well if you have 3 or 4 servers, so: a file server, an exchange server, a sql server and a share point server and all are individual physical servers, a wise move would be to just replace them all with 1 powerful server. It will probably be half the cost of replacing all four servers, it will also probably reduce your electricity consumption by 60% or more and will cost less to maintain one server than four!

Backing up virtual servers is also a money saving process as you only need to buy the software once, oh and virtual backups are a lot easier to restore a server from. Depending on how the back-up is configured, a complete server could be restored in less than an hour… I’ll be writing a post in the next few weeks all about the different types of backup, how safe they are, how easy to implement, and what the chances of a successful restore are.

I will also be writing a further post about Virtual Servers

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