Why choose IT Support UK Ltd?

There are so many reasons why we believe we stand out from the crowd. Surely any company that wanted the best from their IT would consider us?

Our Tru-Proactive way of managing your computers and servers is something that we’re rather fanatical about. So many of the issues that businesses experience with their computers are very easily resolved.

Computers should be fast and responsive. Staff should never be snarling at a screen waiting for something to happen. It should all just work… well.

We don’t communicate in “geek speak” We won’t end a meeting, a phone conversation, or email conversation unless we’re certain that we’ve all understood each other. Having a problem described, understood and resolved in the fastest possible way saves us all money and time, so we always choose this option.

One touch response is what we always try to achieve with every support request. Whoever takes your request for support is responsible for getting it resolved as soon as possible, it won’t be bounced around our office, the appropriate technician will be on it in minutes.

We love our work and love what we do, we never huff and puff and bang on our desk, we’re ahead of the game and consistently achieve amazing results, why wouldn’t you choose us?

About IT Support UK Ltd

IT Support UK have been fixing computer problems in London, Kent and the South East since 2004. Computers, laptops, servers and all network hardware and software within small and medium sized businesses. We have always aimed to deliver an enterprise level of IT Solutions & Support at a small business price. Our experience, determination and drive to be the best has allowed us to build and develop the infrastructure required to deliver the most cost efficient service available.

Resolving IT Problems before they have an impact is our number one task every day. Little computer niggles are found and dealt with before they become computer nightmares. Our team of experts live and dream about everything information technology so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the results.

  • Our Mission…
    Our mission is to provide all our clients with enterprise level IT solutions and support, empowering and giving them total peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their own business.
  • Our Vision…
    We are focused on keeping you and your IT up to date and ahead of the game to ensure you thrive whilst navigating changes in technology and business.
  • Our Purpose…
    Our purpose is to make enterprise level IT solutions and support available and affordable for all Small and Mid-sized businesses throughout the South East.

Have a look at our testimonials page so see what our clients think of our service. Then give us a call and let’s look into what we can do for your business or organisation. You will see amazing results very quickly.
Call us on 0208 123 0007 or email us via the contact form.