Why do we need top class website hosting?

Will it really make any difference? is it a hidden problem?

Cheap, or poor quality website hosting really can be a HUGE hidden LOSS OF MONEY!

Cheap website hosting really can cost you a fortune in the long run if you rely on your website to bring in business or even if you just use it to advise potential clients of your services and/or products.

The obvious issues caused by poor quality or cut price website hosting are:

  • Slow loading web pages
  • Web pages that don’t load at all
  • “This page cannot be displayed” errors
  • Emails not being received
  • Emails not arriving at their destination
  • Your email being blocked as if it’s spam!

The most costly problem is your website not being found in search engine results or suddenly disappearing from the search results. There are a lot of reasons why websites are not easily found in search results and one of the most overlooked is poor website hosting.

If your website is being hosted on a server with a number of undesirable, scamming, maybe even blacklisted websites then your site is going to be tarred with the same brush by the search engines. The other issue is too many websites on one server which of course will cause a performance issue and your website will be slow to load! This is another thing that search engines look for and if your website is slower than your competitors, you will appear below them in the search results list.

For a website to work well, it needs a great foundation. Your website does not need to be on a crowded server with 500 or more other websites, you’ll just be waiting for the next issue to happen!

If you notice any of the symptoms above with your website or email, either give me a call or email me via the contact form and we’ll run a few tests for you. We can let you know how many other websites you share a server with, if you are blacklisted from sending email to some recipients, even the quality and spec of the servers!

Whether you would like some free advice or further information on getting a top quality web hosting package, give us a call or email at the address below. Our servers are all running the highest quality servers with SSD hard drives and 10 Gigabit internet connection. We have strict limits on how many websites are on each server, we also monitor the content of websites so our servers will never be blacklisted.

The most surprising thing of all is that our hosting is usually no more expensive than our competitors.

We don’t charge setup fees, we don’t charge a fee for leaving us, and you will not be required to sign a long term contract.

Datacentre Specifications

Call us on 01689 422522 or 0208 123 0007 before your web hosting lets you down!