They’re spending more time on Facebook than they are working!!

OK, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but a huge amount of managers, directors and company owners keep asking “how do we control the use of social networking at work?”

Usually it’s not a great idea to stop it altogether because you may end up with an office full of grumpy staff, and grumpy staff don’t work too well either…

There are a lot of options available but the favourite is controlling the times that staff can access social networks on their computers. Usually we set it to allow before 8:30am, allow during 1:00pm – 2:00pm and to allow after 5:30 pm. This way staff can get in early, have a nice cup of tea, get their 15 minute Facebook fix and be bright and happy to start the working day! They can then tweet and post all through lunch, and maybe another 10 minutes after work.

This option comes free with the security software that we recommend to our Clients, it’s totally configurable even down to single computers, groups of computers or the whole Company. Websites to be blocked are also very configurable, from individual websites, to categories of websites eg: shopping websites, gambling websites and so on.

Another option is the social networking computer… placed right in the middle of the office or somewhere where everyone can see it… it won’t get used too much!

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