Server upgrade time? HELP!!

How do we get it right without wasting money or spending a fortune?

OK so a server will probably last you 5 years plus and there are so many options…

  1. Which make and model do we need?
  2. How much money do we need to spend?
  3. How many hard drives? How much memory? How many processors?
  4. Do we need a virtual server? physical server? hosted server?
  5. How long will it be guaranteed for? 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?

If you still have a 2003 server (Windows server 2003 or Small Business Server 2003) then you need to be thinking of an upgrade in a hurry because Microsoft will be stopping support – updates – everything early in 2014.

Small Business Server 2003 will start to deteriorate in April, so you’ve got just over three months to get a replacement in place.

Small Business Server 2011 is the latest and last version of the affordable server operating system from Microsoft. Looking at the alternatives, Small Business Server really was fantastic value for money if you needed a server in your Small Business and had less than 75 users. SBS 2011 was discontinued by Microsoft on 31 December 2013 so if you’re looking for an affordable in-house server (not hosted) you need to get out there and find one of the last copies before they all go! Microsoft will still support SBS 2011 for 10 years.

One option that you have is just having a file server in your office and having your emails on a hosted exchange server (cloud based) If you have a large number of employees, you would require a fairly strong internet connection as there would be quite a lot of internet traffic.

Another option is to have everything in the cloud, files, emails, databases & everything but you really would need a fast internet connection (upload and download) for this to work properly.

If you are still running a Microsoft 2003 server when support stops, you really are putting your business at risk!

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