Patch Tuesday & Exploit Wednesday

Patch Tuesday is a term used to refer to when Microsoft releases security patches and updates.

Patches are released on the second and sometimes fourth Tuesday of the month although updates for Windows Defender and Security Essentials are released more frequently. Patches and updates are still not taken too seriously by many computer users and a huge number of businesses don’t bother at all. A great deal of issues would not occur if computers were updated properly and on time especially when you know about Exploit Wednesday!

Many computers are hacked or attacked as a result of Exploit Wednesday. By exploitation developers analysing the latest security patches they can work out all the vulnerabilities in the unpatched systems. So the period in-between the patches being released and your computers being updated needs to be kept to a few hours if possible. It’s a bit like having a huge house with thousands of windows, security patches simply find and close those open windows.

How long do you want to leave your windows open for? Hours? Days? Months?

Sometimes a patch can crash a system or server and this is why critical patch management is essential for any business.

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