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How to protect your data from ransomware

How to protect your data from ransomware You’ve probably heard of computer malware – but have you heard of ransomware? It’s what criminals use to target the data in your business. That’s incredibly valuable to you. Ransomware is a form of malicious software placed on your devices to lock you out of your data. [...]

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How SharePoint makes remote working easier

How SharePoint makes remote working easier Working remotely as a team is really important right now, with many of us sat in different places. SharePoint is a great tool to help you do that. It works with Microsoft 365 to connect your team and allow them to create, safely store and share documents online. [...]

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Preparing to return to your workplace

Preparing to return to your workplace No-one really knows when the lockdown will end. But you can start getting ready now, for when you’re allowed back into your workplace. There are three things to consider. First, your people. If it’s a phased end to lockdown, you might have some people at work and some [...]

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Keep Data Safe When Staff Use Own Devices

Keep your data safe when staff use their own devices With all the business interruptions happening right now, it’s critical you stay focused on data security. Hackers aren’t taking time off. They see this interruption to “business as usual” as a big opportunity. So if your staff are using their own devices to do [...]

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The benefits of using a password manager

The benefits of using a password manager You know that using strong passwords is crucial when you’re protecting sensitive data in your business. But really good passwords are impossible to remember - especially when you’re using several every day. A password manager could be your new best friend. This essential tool can generate secure, [...]

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Microsoft Teams Makes Communication Easier

Microsoft Teams makes communication easier than ever With more than half a million organisations, and 13 million people using it every day… … Microsoft Teams is already the biggest collaboration tool on the planet. And for 2020, Microsoft has listened to feedback. It’s made Teams more intuitive and responsive than ever before. There are [...]

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Translate Languages in Office 365

Now you can translate languages within your Office 365 documents Microsoft Translator has recently been added to Word, PowerPoint and Excel. And it’s a more efficient way to communicate with the world. Because constantly Googling translations is time consuming. And can lead to mistakes. Translator will help you send and understand important business documents [...]

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Replay notes scribbled on a document

A clever way to replay notes you’ve scribbled on a document You know when you’ve been making a load of scribbles on a Word document, or a PowerPoint? Well now you can make sense of all your notes and annotations, with Ink Replay. This clever piece of software is included with all Office 365 [...]

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Email is your greatest tool and biggest threat

Your email is your greatest tool. And biggest threat Love it or hate it, we all rely on email to run our businesses every day. It’s what makes email our greatest tool. But it’s also the biggest threat to your business’s ongoing cyber security. Cyber attacks are predicted to cost businesses around the world [...]

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Say Goodbye To Email Clutter

Say goodbye to email clutter with Focused Inbox What’s the first thing you do when you settle down for work in the morning? If you’re like millions of other people, it’s probably checking your email. The trouble is, inboxes can quickly become unmanageable. Leaving you feeling like you’re spending more time looking at messages [...]

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