Building strong business relationships are a good thing.

But if you’re seeing your IT support people more often than some of your friends, something’s very wrong.

In fact, you shouldn’t really be seeing your IT support people very much at all.

These days, professional IT support companies spend more time on proactive work to prevent problems from happening – than reactive work to fix things that have broken.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Your IT system is no different to your car. Regular services mean fewer breakdowns.

The difference with IT is that this is a daily task.

Good proactive IT support means monitoring your entire system on a daily basis. Technicians can spot potential problems before they happen, and take steps to prevent them interrupting your work.

This is good business sense.

Most decisions you make will be based around costs, efficiency and productivity. And being proactive instead of reactive covers all three.

When you pre-empt problems and protect yourself against data loss, catastrophic IT problems become a thing of the past.

That leaves you with more time and money to invest in the areas of your business that really matter.

So if you’re seeing your current IT support team too much, contact us today.

We’ll enjoy meeting with you face to face to discuss your business’s IT strategy. But the rest of the time we’ll be hidden in the background, working hard to prevent you having to see us too often.

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