5 ways OneNote will help you have a more organised life

If you like to stay organised, you’ll love OneNote, from Microsoft.

It’s a powerful single place to take notes, capture ideas, and organise all of the information you need, to get things done.

There are a ton of features. And here’re our top five:

Number one. It’s always with you. It syncs perfectly to all your devices, so you can use it anywhere at any time. And all info is automatically saved. You’ll never lose that brilliant idea again.

Number two. It keeps you organised. Arrange all your information into notepads, sections and pages. You can also create to do lists.

Number three. Don’t ever lose a piece of knowledge again. You can take notes via text, image, audio and video. You can even search for text contained within pictures.

And number four. It keeps you connected. Collaborate in real time with colleagues by sharing information and ideas.

And finally, OneNote is part of the powerful Office 365 suite. Your business probably already has OneNote, even if it’s not using it.

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