Managed IT Services or Managed Services

Managed IT Services means pretty much what it says, IT Management.

Most IT Support Companies nowadays have an admin panel where they can manage your computers, servers, printers and just about everything on your network, this sort of remote managed IT services has been available for a good few years, the best “remote management” systems are incredibly hi-tech and configured properly, your computer network should very rarely miss a beat.

Now what sets IT companies apart is the lengths and depths that they will go to, and the time they will invest in advanvce to properly setup these remote management systems to make sure your entire network is working and at peak performance hour after hour 365 days a year. Ideally, 95% of issues should be resolved before they make any impact on your staff, production and ultimately, profit Рthis being the purpose of managed IT services.

The term “Pro Active Support” seems to be quite popular lately but just how “Pro-Active” is your average IT Support Company?
If you seem to be experiencing more IT issues than you think is acceptable, or certain problems keep re-occuring then the service you’re receiving is probably more “re-active” (fix it when it breaks!) which is more costly to you.

This is where we question, what is the real cost of IT within your company, it’s very often double what you paying your average IT Support company to manage your IT. Yes every company that we make aware of these hidden costs is quite shocked at how much money is being wasted, we’ll look forward to going through how much your company is losing without realising.

If your ready to find out what a True-Pro-Active IT Support service would look like for your company, call us today or use the contact form so we can arrange a time to get together and talk over your options. We’re terrible sales people so we won’t be trying to talk you into anything but we are incredibly good at making computers,¬† servers and networks perform incredibly well.

Our testimonials page will give you a fair idea of what our Clients think of us, we usually wait for at least a year before asking a client for a testimonial, we all know that most new services start off well.

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Our Managed IT Service is made up of the following components:

1. Centralised Services

Centralised services are the root management of each client’s network, including monitoring, anti-virus, software updates & maintenance.

2. Network Administration

Network administration is the core of our True-Pro-Active service & includes best practices, technical risk management, adds & changes.

3. Technology Consulting

Technology consulting includes technical advice, pro-active suggestions, IT consulting & IT budgeting.

4. IT Support

IT Support includes telephone support / support desk, remote support and on-site support plus “how to” support.

5. Professional Services

Professional services includes new technology implementation, escallations, office moves, hardware upgrades, major changes.

Both our Gold and Platinum level of Managed Service includes 1 to 4 above, in fact we include everything that is required to provide you with our True-Pro-Active service, the only difference between Platinum and Gold is that Platinum includes unlimited on-site support where Gold on-site support is extra.

So how do we consistently get it right when other IT Support providers don’t?

We’ve been doing this for a long time, we have a huge amount of experience of what works and what doesn’t work. In fact we have taken note of almost everything that has ever failed and analysed it in a geeky way to work out how best to stop it happening again. Although every one of our client’s business is different, what they require to keep their IT systems running properly are pretty much the same. With this in mind we have built systems and processes that contain just the right amount of ingredients to ensure your computers don’t miss a beat.
A lot of support providers cut corners to save money by not using all the right ingredients, but you simply cannot save money by cutting corners with your IT management.

Monitoring Your IT Network

Network Monitoring is part of our centralised services and includes daily safety checks and 24/7 Monitoring.

On-Site IT Support

On site IT Support in a hurry for when your network is down and we can’t get remote access.

IT Support Desk

Our IT Support Desk is available whenever you need it, fast & reliable, a service you can count on.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Being prepared for when those important files get deleted or when disaster strikes

Data Backup

Top of the list for any business is having a secure, reliable and tested off-site data backup

Managed Anti-Virus

Would you know if there was a virus on your network? How reliable is your anti-virus and is it managed?

Web Protection

A second layer of defence against malicious websites, keep your company protected against online threats

Web Monitoring

Too much time spent by staff on social media websites or home shopping costs your business money

IT Support UK Ltd really are fanatical about managed IT Services, if you depend on your IT network and need the whole system to “just work” then we can provide exactly that. Complete peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up day after day, virus protection is up to date, servers and computers are running at peak performance and we’re monitoring the entire system 24/7

Call us today on 01689 422622 or send us an email via the conatct form.