Malware in the Cloud

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way the world does business.

This new-found freedom has enabled us to scale as we grow, communicate from anywhere in the world, give customers more of what they want AND save money.

But there’s a dark side to cloud computing too.

Its rapid growth has left thousands of organisations vulnerable to cyber criminals looking for a chance to attack.

One of their favourite ways to hit businesses is with malware. This is software that disrupts, damages and gains unlawful access to computer systems.

It’s a particularly nasty type of attack that is specifically created to cause as much suffering as possible.

The really scary thing is that an attack can go undetected for months. By the time you discover you’ve been hacked, it’s too late. Malware spreads through computer systems like wildfire, wreaking havoc as it goes.

You might think that by using cloud computing – you’re safe. That the software developers are one step ahead of the baddies. And it’s passed all sorts of rigorous security tests.

Sadly, you’d be wrong on all counts.

Cyber crime is the number one threat to UK businesses. Yet a staggeringly low number of cloud providers are offering adequate protection against malware.

Don’t think you can just take your chances, because it’s only a matter of time until the hackers catch up with you.

It is possible to prevent malware in the cloud, and our latest guide tells you how.

Malware in the Cloud