Locky Malware can bring your company down

The reality is that it’s only a matter of time before a ransomware exploit takes your data hostage.

Unfortunately, most end users are still quite naive when it comes to IT security, but hey that’s down to the IT company that supports us right? No, it’s down to the individual end user to think twice before clicking. Hackers have developed Locky Malware which uses macros in a Word document to insert code to potentially encrypt and lock down all your data so you can no longer access your files. The hacker then demands money to unlock your data which could be any price he decides, and is usually thousands.

$17,000 was the the amount the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital was forced to hand over to regain access to their own data. A member of staff was simply tricked into clicking on a portion of a Word document and that was all it took to start the data encryption process, any files that the current user has access to will be encrypted! Read more here…

How to stay protected from Locky Malware

There is currently no known defence against Locky malware, you can disable macros in Word documents but for some businesses this simply isn’t an option.

The only true way to stay protected is with a secure, reliable data backup – there is no way to decrypt your files once they have been attacked unless you pay the attackers.
How certain are you that your data backup has all your files stored safely?

It’s believed that Locky malware is present on thousands of machines, it’s just waiting to be activated, the criminals behind this are just waiting for you to click!

Before you turn your computers off tonight, are you 100% certain that your data is completely safe if Locky was to activate in your network?

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