Keep your data safe when staff use their own devices

With all the business interruptions happening right now, it’s critical you stay focused on data security.

Hackers aren’t taking time off. They see this interruption to “business as usual” as a big opportunity.

So if your staff are using their own devices to do company work on, here are 7 golden rules you must follow.

One – make sure their devices are password protected. Multi factor authentication is better.

Two – if they share the device with their family, it might be more appropriate to send them a company device.

Three – make sure their device has antivirus software and protection against malware.

Four – check their operating system is fully up-to-date. And five, is all software patched correctly?

Six – do you have a VPN, a Virtual Private Network? It’s the safest way to access company data from home.

Finally seven, make sure you update your home working policy in the company handbook. Boring but necessary.

You can explore all these in much more detail in our brand new guide.

And if we can help your business stay productive in these difficult times, get in touch.