Some information about us…

IT Support (UK) Limited is a very well known Company around SE London and North Kent for IT Support, Maintenance and everything “IT” related for the small Business. The Company was formed with the intention of having the answers and solutions with the minimum amount of fuss…

The Small Business owner or Company Director has got enough going on with the day to day running of their business without having the daily nag of worry about whether the data backup is working and will be usable in the event of data loss or whether the FREE Anti-Virus is going to be good enough to keep out the destructive bugs! He may not have even read the small print that says “NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE” or didn’t realise that he could get a BIG fine for using that FREE Anti-Virus at the office!! What about the SLOW COMPUTERS, sitting there watching the staff glaring at their computer screen waiting for something to happen, “the computers are only 9 months old, why are they so slow?”

There are a never ending stream of niggles and a few big bad concerns that haunt the Business Owner… UNTIL WE APPEAR!

Then it’s like the “A” Team have arrived!

So what do we do? What makes us so special?
Well, most importantly, we actually care – we’re rather fanatical about anything “IT” and we know what works and we know what doesn’t!

Our first job is to carry out a complete IT Audit on your network which is free of charge (there’s no such thing as a free lunch) correct, but there is such thing as a FREE IT AUDIT! Your complete IT Audit will tell you everything you already know about your computers servers, router, security, software and back-up etc. and lots more. If your server hard drive is just about to die, we will tell you. If your network is slow because of a failing network switch, we’ll find it. And if your computers are not up to date with Windows patches and are creating a security risk, we’ll have it all printed out in black and white for you. We don’t make a big song and dance about everything, you just tell us what end result you want, and we’ll find your best way there and we’re certain to save you a few quid along the way!

So what are we about? IT Solutions and IT Support with the minimum amount of fuss, get it sorted out in a hurry, get it right first time and give them a guarantee… oh and of course, give the Client an invoice that they’ll be happy to pay!