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Your Local IT Specialist, IT Support Orpington

IT Support Orpington? Who else? Your IT systems will benefit from proper management in place making them perform at their very best. Your business can seriously suffer if your IT systems are under-performing and if your servers and peripherals are not operating in the way that they should.

We want you to brush aside any concerns you may have regarding IT issues so your business can operate at full speed without waiting for computers to respond. Opting to use the services of IT Support UK can ensure that you receive the IT Support that your business demands.

The services that you can benefit from are:

Committed to providing IT Support in Orpington quickly

We have worked extremely hard to put together a service that provides your business with unbeatable IT support that comes backed with swift response times. To benefit from our services all you are required to do is give us a call and provide us with details about any issues. We can then arrange for an engineer to visit your site as soon as possible, being based in Orpington we could be with you in minutes. When it’s critical we understand that you need someone there to resolve that issue today, not tomorrow.

Repairing Servers

If your server suffers a software or hardware failure it will affect the running of your business from an IT perspective and this can prove to be costly. To help get your business back on track we can use our expertise and knowledge to ensure that your systems experience minimal downtime, a properly maintained server should give 99.9% uptime.

Email Hosting

Communication is vital for your business which is why we offer a wide range of email hosting solutions. Your mailbox will benefit from regular backups which ensures that your data is always available should it become lost or anything deleted. Archiving also provides a secure copy of every email ever sent or received.

Server maintenance

Your server will benefit from regular software updates and this will lead to a more efficient network. To prevent any errors or network problems from arising, regular updates will ensure that your server runs effectively and in the way that you expect.

Network maintenance

Our fully functional maintenance plan will be implemented so that your system functions efficiently. This will enable you to open and work on documents effectively without keep waiting for the egg timer, a breath of fresh air that encourage your staff to work efficiently.

Data backup

Backing up your data is important in many ways. Having your own system in place is a great place to start but our data backup solution means that your data is safely encrypted and stored off-site. At IT Support UK our daily backups will allow your business to work safe in the knowledge that your data can be retrieved at any time should you experience a disastrous system failure.

Managed IT Support

Your IT infrastructure will benefit from working efficiently, which is why our managed IT support can help to keep a track of costs. We do not believe in maintenance contracts that tie you down for years, all IT contracts are available on a monthly rolling basis.

IT Support UK Ltd will offer you the dedication and experience required to provide you with rapid IT Support in Orpington. Your IT infrastructure will benefit from our knowledge and ability to ensure that it all runs in the way it should.
For more information contact us on 01689 422622 or get in touch via email using the contact form.