The complete package, IT Support for solicitors

For any business, an IT system that works reliably is a system that can help to improve success. As a solicitor, your business will depend completely on an IT system that works. An IT system that fails regularly and does not run up to speed is a system that can cost money, time and embarrassment. This highlights the importance of having a solid support and maintenance package in place. IT Support UK Ltd has the complete solution enabling your computer system to continue to run efficiently.

Your IT system will contain important information and will carry out a wide range of business functions that you rely upon. If a problem occurs, it can prove to be extremely damaging in a number of ways. IT Support UK are on hand to offer the support you need. We are approachable and friendly, making our IT support for solicitors a simple choice.

There are many benefits for your business:

IT Support

At the centre of your business is your IT system. At any time, your IT system could develop a problem and this could prove costly. With the correct support in place you can be sure that downtime will be kept to a minimum. Report the problem to us and an engineer will have it resolved in the fastest possible time.

Server Support

As a solicitor you will have a number of different systems located within your IT system. Accessing case handling software or important legal documents are just two of things you may require from your server so you need it to function correctly. Our server support will ensure that your server remains beating at the heart of your IT system.

Email Hosting

A large aspect of your day-to-day running is communication including sending and receiving numerous important documents. Therefore, you require an email solution that you can depend on knowing that your email has reached its destination. Security of email communication also ensures that email containing viruses are intercepted before they reach your network and spam in your inbox is a thing of the past.

Server Maintenance

A server that is maintained regularly is a server that can be relied upon. This means that it will run efficiently and consistently. Hardware and software maintenance will ensure all parts are working and that your software is up-to-date. Maintenance is carried out at a time that will not have an impact on the running of your business.

Network Maintenance

Your network infrastructure brings your whole IT system together. If there are problems, then your system could fail and this is why maintenance is key. We carry out regular maintenance to ensure that all cables, switches, routers and all other forms of hardware are functioning correctly. We also maintain the network software, checking for errors throughout.

Data Backup

Your IT system will contain crucial data such as vital legal documentation and case information. You require this data to be there when you need it which is why regular backups will ensure you can access data instantly. Our data backup solutions store your data off-site ensuring its complete safety and security should any files be lost or deleted, the files can easily be restored from the backup.

Managed IT Support

Our IT support guarantees that you can rely on your system every day. This helps you to work consistently providing your services to your clients. At IT Support UK Ltd we create a maintenance package that supports you in the correct way. Our experience and knowledge allows us to manage your system in a way that works for you. We offer maintenance contracts that come with complete flexibility. This means that there are no long commitments but a guarantee of an excellent service from us.

All of our IT Support options are tailored to your exact requirements, so you won’t be paying for anything that you don’t need.
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