IT Support Contract options for your business

Monthly Rolling IT Support Contract?
1, 2 or 3 Year IT Support Contracts?

Whatever the size of your business or organisation, you have the choice of your support contract length.
Your company may not want to be tied into an IT Support contract for a year or two so a monthly rolling contract may suit you much better.

On the other hand, your company may need the security that a longer it support contract provides. Knowing that the cost of support will not increase over the contract period. No matter how much our costs increased by, you would just continue to pay the agreed fee.

Although no two businesses or organisations are the same, the components that go into providing outstanding IT Support will always remain the same.

For example, a few absolute necessities include:

  • Daily backup to the cloud, checking the backup completed, & testing that your data WILL restore from the backup
  • Managed Anti-Virus that’s monitored, updated frequently, and alerts us of threats
  • Disaster recovery planning, implementation, and testing (unless your business could cope without IT for a week?)
  • Regular software updates and patching (more important than most people think)
  • Server & Computer maintenance to stop that dreadful slow down

We’ve been supporting businesses long enough to know that you cannot cut corners and provide an outstanding service at the same time. Our ultimate goal has always been to provide an enterprise level of IT Support no matter what. So although one size doesn’t fit all, every business or organisation that we look after, will benefit from all of our experience, our resources, our processes and whatever it takes to keep your IT network, servers, computers and devices working as close to perfect as possible.

All of our IT Support Contracts include “whatever it takes”

We won’t let you opt out of data backup, or anti-virus or monitoring to save you a couple of quid a month, not having a reliable backup could cost you thousands further down the line. A completely false economy and you’d be asking why we didn’t advise you better if all your data was ever lost. We could offer a scenario for why every component of our IT Support Contact is essential.

We do offer a Silver, Gold and Platinum level of IT support contract:

  • Silver – This provides full monitoring and maintenance of everything within your IT network
  • Gold – In addition to Silver, unlimited telephone and remote support are included
  • Platinum – In addition to Gold, on-site call outs are included and unlimited

If you’d like to find out what it would take to ensure your computing network is responsive, up to date, well maintained and secure and have certainty that you’ll receive outstanding support if you do have IT issues then please give us a call or email via the contact form.

You’ll be so please that you got in touch.