Specialist IT Support for Solicitors

Now although all Company data is important no matter what business you’re in, Solicitor’s data needs to be looked after with extreme care.

From the moment the Client’s data is entered into the Solicitor’s computer system, it needs to be safe. Safe from the point of view that it must never be lost and safe that it must never be accessible by unauthorised persons!

All Solicitors firms have a hierarchy of staff and usually require a data file access hierarchy to match, although most of the data within the firm needs to be accessible by all, there are always documents that require that extra level of confidentiality.

Whatever your data security requirements, we are able to put in place a system that will be very easy to use, viewable to only certain eyes and backed up as often as required which is usually at least once per day.

A managed and monitored data backup is so very important, most Businesses would collapse if they suffered a major data loss…
The safest form of data backup is online data backup.

The data backup Company that we use successfully completed a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and received ISO 27001 certification.

Immediate Data Encryption:
The moment a file is selected for backup, it is encrypted on your server, desktop or laptop before it leaves your system, giving you immediate protection with the same encryption level used by the military (256-bit AES encryption.) Files are then transferred to Data Centres via an SSL-encrypted tunnel, ensuring that those files are doubly encrypted during transfer. This is actually the same technology that is used by banks to ensure the safe delivery of information online.

Data Restore
The whole point of having a managed data backup in place is to be able to restore a deleted or corrupt file, files of maybe all your data. With our online remote data backup service, files can be restored in moments.

Why not just back up to a usb stick or usb drive?
Well, the chances are that your data won’t be securely encrypted, the usb drive could be lost or damaged or more likely, if you’re in a rush you probably won’t bother backing up at all!

Solicitors working remotely
Solicitors still need to access their data when away from the office so we can make this easy too, whether you need to access your computers remotely or just need access to certain files, we can put a system in place where access to your data from anywhere in the World can be secure and encrypted. Call us today on 01322 251111 or email IT Support UK Ltd to find out how we can make your computing life easier, or visit our IT Support Website

A Complete Managed IT Solution?
Always more cost effective and usually money saving compared to your current solution, ask us about our managed services