“IT Budget” Getting Wasted within Your Charity or Non Profit?

We understand that Every Penny Counts with our IT Solutions for Charities and Non Profits

The next best thing we could do for your charity to making a donation each and every month would be to give you savings month after month. Let’s really make a difference with our IT Solutions for Charities and NPOs.

Everyone within a charity organisation usually has a connection to that charity, making it more than just a job! Because it’s more than a job most staff seem to give that little bit extra, work a bit harder and reach those goals sooner.

The wrong IT Support for your charity or Non Profit Organisation could be a money leak that isn’t too obvious to spot without looking very closely. All that EXTRA that everyone is giving, could be leaking away! Would you know how much your IT actually costs per year?

There’s usually a fair difference between your obvious IT costs against what your TRUE IT cost works out to.

Your true IT cost, could be double what you think it is!

We’re not after coming in to your organisation and changing everything. We certainly wont be after altering anything that isn’t broken, but we do have a great eye for saving money and finding what can be improved.

How often does your current IT Support company give you a report of savings that can be made? Or do they just give you quotations of what needs to be spent?

Here’s the plan. We will give you an hour or two of our time depending on the size of your organisation. We can look over all or your IT hardware, software and processes etc. and talk over any issues or problems that you may like to solve.

Then tell you of all the ways that we see where you could be saving money. We can prepare and send you a report so you can talk over our findings with your colleagues. Then we can arrange a further meeting to discuss putting all these money saving options in place for you.

We really do put you first and make a difference when it comes to IT Solutions for Charities and Non Profit Organisations.

Get in touch today on 0208 123 0007 or fill in the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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    Just three slow troublesome computers could be costing your charity £150 per week or more (that’s £7,800 per year!) but you don’t notice it when it’s not coming out of the bank.

    Even £150 per week is ever such a lot of wasted dontations.

    Imagine what an IT disaster that you hadn’t prepared for could cost?