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IT Projects Kent & London

With most IT Projects you’re usually investing a considerable amount of money and whether it’s a couple of thousand pounds to a small company or tens of thousands to a large organisation, every penny needs to be accounted for and spent wisely. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been called in to fix another IT supplier’s project that went wrong or didn’t turn out as expected. Too much time and money can be easily wasted due to improper planning, a lack of experience and/or not having a clear goal of what needs to be achieved.

We make absolutely certain from the start that we understand your goals and what you expect the end result to provide. We never leave a meeting or end a phone call without a definite understanding on both sides, our reputation is far too important and so is your budget, you will always get the desired result or better from any IT projects that we take on.

There are always options for IT projects and we’re always looking for the most cost effective that we can provide for you, we supply hardware at cost price or very close to cost so profit on hardware will never influence a decision on what solution is best for our client.

So whether you just need some advice for now or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your IT improvements, give us a call on 01689 422622 or contact us via the email form.

IT Projects that we carry out include:

  • Server migrations
  • Office relocations
  • New hardware installations (including servers, computers and network devices)
  • Disaster recovery planning and setup
  • Data cabling
  • Cloud migrations

We always deliver on budget, on time – call us today, you’ll be so pleased that you did.