IT Support… Asset or Liability?

Every potential client that I go out to has problems with their “IT stuff”

That’s the reason they’re calling us right? They’re not happy with the way things are.

So we sit down and have a 30 minute chat over a cup of coffee and get biscuits if we’re lucky. We then learn about all the IT problems that have been costing this potential client money for months or years. Everything from files being lost that were meant to be backed up to emails not getting delivered. Poor Tom has to wait 20 minutes for his computer to load up every morning, the internet keeps cutting out around 2pm and the company director can’t connect remotely to her work computer from home. And that’s without all the other little IT niggles that they can’t even be bothered to remember!

This is usually a good time for me to ask why they have not thought of having an IT company take care of all of their problems and properly manage their IT sooner? Usually we hear “oh yes we have a company that manages all of our IT stuff, they just can’t seem to get to the bottom of it all yet”

Well clearly they’re NOT managing!

After a bit more digging we find out that they didn’t call us sooner as they were locked into a contract for three years! Every time they ask their current IT company to look into a problem they get an invoice whether it’s fixed or not. They keep getting sold more hardware to fix issues that never makes any difference. No one in the office wants to phone the IT company as it’s just a horrible experience.

We have a look at exactly what their IT infrastructure consists of and then we say what our monthly cost is likely to be for MANAGING their IT. At this point we sometimes see shock on their face then they try and end the meeting and hurry us out of the door, but often they appreciate the cost.

What many businesses owners / managers never think of is the hidden costs of their IT!

  • If Tom only costs £15 per hour to employ – his computer is costing you £1300 a year at least.
  • A lost file may only cost a day’s work but it could cost a lost contract.
  • A few lost emails could cost a few quid, it could cost your reputation or it could lose a client.
  • A dozen computers all running slow, frustrated employees equals thousands of pounds.

I could continue with this list but I’m sure you get the point? We see thousands lost everywhere.
Some business owners get it… and some business owners don’t!

  • All computers should ideally be good to open a document within 30 seconds of switching on.
  • All computers should work without fault all day long.
  • Every genuine email should reach its destination.
  • Any fault should be resolved quickly and resolved the first time.
  • Internet should be reliable and consistent.
  • Printers should print.
  • Lost files should be recoverable within minutes and not have you worried.
  • Disasters should be prepared for and not keep you up at night.

The fee that you pay your IT Support Company should be an investment on which you get a good return each month, and you should be more than happy to pay it because of the total peace of mind it provides. Don’t just be thinking about what this IT Support company will cost me, instead think what they will be saving you.

You shouldn’t be tied into an IT Support contract if you don’t want to be. You should stay with your IT Support Company only if they consistently deliver an outstanding service month after month. Singing a long contract with a company that you’ve never worked with before and don’t have trusted recommendations about is totally bonkers.

Is your company ready to start cutting costs and saving money with IT? Feel free to get in touch, even if you just want some free advice and a few pointers on how to kick your current IT Company into touch.

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