Hosted Exchange 2013

The Ultimate Business Email Solution and more…

Hosted Exchange 2013 is more than just an email solution, it’s your central location for your email, calendar, contacts, tasks and reminders and what’s more you can even sync all of this information across all of your devices including: desktop and laptop and computer, tablet, smartphone, blackberry and the web. If that isn’t enough you can even choose what you would like to share with other members of your team such as access to your email when you’re on holiday, or your PA may require access to your calendar.

Would you or your company benefit from Hosted Exchange 2013?

For small businesses, the decision to remove Small Business Server as a server solution has left them with two choices:

  1. Get an in-house Microsoft Exchange Server
  2. Go for the Microsoft Hosted Exchange solution

For an in-house server solution even if you just have 20 members of staff, you’re probably looking at in initial investment of £10,000, plus maintenance, plus support, plus future upgrades, plus backups, the list could go on! Over a 3 year period you would possibly be looking at a total outlay of between £17,000 to £20,000

For that same number of staff with a Hosted Exchange solution you would be looking at less than £3,600 over that same 3 year period.
Each Hosted Exchange mailbox comes to £4.95 per user per month and for 20 users that’s £99.80 a month, or £1197.60 per year. A saving of at least £13,400 over 3 years.

As the number of staff increases, so does the cost of the in-house server. If you had 75 members of staff the cost of the server, support, backup etc. will also go up.

If there are only 5 of you in the office, the in-house solution would probably never be an option so Hosted Exchange 2013 would be the way to go.

You could always bumble along with the old POP3 email accounts where emails are shared across different machines and no one knows who replied to what, some don’t get replied to at all, they disappear from one device and it’s all a bit of a fingers crossed solution.

A lot of people never realised that such a simple, easy to use software existed and for such a reasonable “all in one” price.

With Hosted Exchange 2013 you don’t have to worry about backups, servers going down, maintenance, support, compliance, it’s a complete stress free zone!

There are also additional options made available at the tick of a box such as email archiving where a copy of all sent and received emails are stored securely on a separate server for up to 10 years. Outlook licences cost just £1 per month per device (that’s just £12 per year), you can even have an advanced security spam filter if required?

To get a bit more information about Hosted Exchange, have a look at our website by visiting the following link: Hosted Exchange 2013, take up the free trial or give us a call if you have any questions at all

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