So you’ve tapped a bad link on your phone

So you’ve tapped a bad link on your phone.

Has this happened to you? You wouldn’t be alone.

We’re bombarded with messages every day. Some genuine, some not. And it’s getting harder and harder to spot the fakes.

How do you keep your phone and its data safe after a tap you regret?

There are two things to be aware of – malware, and people stealing your data.

Malware is less of a problem on phones than on computers. But it can still be annoying or damaging.

Check your phone for any new apps that have been downloaded, and delete them.

Monitor your phone for unusual behaviour: Apps launching by themselves or the battery draining faster than usual.

If you’re concerned, reset your phone and restore the last backup before you tapped the link.

The bigger risk is data you enter on a fake web page. This can give hackers access to your accounts.

If you’re in any doubt, change your password on accounts that could be at risk. And set up multi-factor authentication, where you generate a login code on a separate device.

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