What secrets are you giving away on social media?

Hackers are always on the lookout for new ways to get your data. And they love it when people make things easy for them.

Never assume your passwords are impossible to guess – particularly if you’re on social media.

It’s estimated that there are 2.77 billion users of social networking platforms around the world. That’s great for hackers, because people love to talk about themselves.

You and your staff could well be giving away all sorts of clues:

  • Checking in to tourist attractions?
  • Celebrating your birthday?
  • Or sharing photos of your gorgeous new puppy?

You’re giving cyber criminals opportunities to build a profile of you and guess your passwords.

And then there are the thousands of mobile devices that get lost every day. It only takes a second to leave a phone on a train… but the repercussions can last for months.

This is why you need proven protection. Such as multi factor authentication, backed up with a password manager. It’s a solid way to protect your organisation.

Don’t take a risk with your online identity. Contact us today to find out how to make your data harder to compromise.