The GDPR deadline is only weeks away.

You probably know the data protection laws are changing?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking that GDPR just boils down to some extra bits of paper?

And a lot of red tape you don’t have time to deal with?

Or that nobody cares about your data?

Sadly, GDPR is something that really does affect your business. You have to take action on it.

Organisations that don’t comply with GDPR face the potential of large fines.

But worse, is the embarrassment and damage to reputation.

Did you know that any company that suffers a data security breach, will be required by law to report it within 72 hours?

Not only to the regulator – but also to all of the people whose data has been compromised.

It’s likely that all your customers and competitors will know you made a mistake.

And a reality check – a huge data breach can happen to anyone, for all sorts of reasons.

Even the most diligent employees can have off days. What if they accidentally click on a bad link? Or leave their laptop on a train?

It’s easy to replace a laptop. It’s not so easy to replace your customers or rebuild your reputation if something goes wrong.

We are experts at data security. We can tell you where the risks are in your setup, and help you plug the gaps to remove the risks.

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