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1 month of IT Support and it won’t cost you a penny!

Why would you consider us for supporting your computers, server and network?

Well, if you’re not totally over the moon with the company that currently looks after your computer network, why stick with them? Do you get the impression that you’re their number 1 Client? You should feel that you’re number 1.

According to our Clients, these are the main reasons for changing IT Support provider:

  • Computer issues not being dealt with soon enough
  • A lower standard of service than was originally promised
  • Cost of support constantly increasing in price
  • Standard of service progressively getting worse
  • Getting support quickly is not an easy process
  • Computers still going wrong and not being reliable!

We totally understand that you can’t be without your computers working and that’s why we monitor everything 24/7 and fix most issues before you know they even exist!

Our simple process for requesting support is just 3 mouse clicks, our monitoring centre is notified and so is your technician, direct to his mobile phone within seconds

No more having to call for IT Support, no more waiting on hold and no more chasing or frustration

If you’re fed up with a poor quality of service, ever increasing prices or just want to know how we can improve your whole IT Support experience then let’s see if we can impress you?

We will give you one month of free IT Support where you can get all those little niggling problems fixed for free 🙂 At the end of the month we will give you a complete report on how all your computers and server(s) are behaving, and offer you a proposal for your future IT Support and IT Services.

Of course you don’t need to take us up on our offer, you don’t have to become a paying client, you are free to walk away without it costing you a single penny!

It may be worth you having a look at the guarantees on our IT Support website, and with a rolling monthly contract you are never tied in long term and this keeps us on our toes!

This offer is available only until the end of April 2014 and is subject to availability, it’s a very popular offer and we are limited to the number of businesses that we can provide it to… so get in early and register your interest for a free month of IT Support

The only conditions that apply are:

  1. Your company is located in either London, Kent or Essex
  2. You have a minimum of 5 computers


Call us on 01689 422522 or 0208 123 0007 for your FREE IT SUPPORT!

Or register your interest via the following form

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