Why is data backup or file backup so important?

Files can disappear in seconds with no warning and no possibility of getting them back. Ransomware is where the bad guys encrypt your files and demand thousands if you want them back. Hard drive failure suddenly crashes your computer and your files are gone. A fire in your office building can kill the computers and [...]

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What is an IT Support Contract?

An IT Support contract is a documented understanding of what you can expect your IT Support provider to take care of. Without a contract, we don't know who is responsible for what. An IT Support Contract also specifies what is included in your monthly fee. If you get replacement computers, is the installation included? If [...]

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What does a server do?

Servers are mainly thought of as a file store, to share files to staff. Servers can also manage security, such as who is allowed to see what and when. Users and passwords, policies and databases are all stored on servers. Servers can be in your own building or in a data centre (the cloud) Depending [...]

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What is a Firewall?

A firewall is one layer of defence, protecting your network from the outside World. There are 65535 data ports for traffic in and out of your business network. Ideally they will all be blocked unless specific data is needed to pass through. A firewall within a business should be monitored, managed and maintained to maintain [...]

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What version of Microsoft 365 do I need?

Microsoft 365 (used to be Office 365) comes with a few options 365 Business Standard is the norm for many businesses If you don't want 365 hosted email then "Apps for business" will be the one for you Just need email then 365 Business Basic will do the trick but it doesn't come with Office [...]

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What is a strong password?

A strong password doesn't have to be difficult to remember. You could have: rnx)*65#78f if you can remember it without leaving it on a sticky note! Maybe: Roland7Green@car4Birthday77 Or: 3LambChops4Dinner@6:30 Please, please, please don't use one word with 1! at the end: Password1! Keep it secure.

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What is a business continuity plan?

A business continuity plan is knowing what to do when things go wrong. How does work continue if you have a power cut for 4 hours What to do if your business is flooded How about if there was a fire and your computers and server were destroyed What would happen if you lost all [...]

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