Image of Draytek Router, Synology NAS, HP Server and APC UPS

Emergency Windows Server call out in Kent.

What to do when your business Server stops working…


Most businesses cannot do without their Windows servers for more than a few hours so when a server does decide to give up, the DIASATER RECOVERY PLAN needs to be up to date.

This server was looked after under one of our maintenance and support contracts and our client luckily took our advice and had a full plan in place if the worst should happen.

We were onsite with a temporary replacement loan server and restored an image of their dead system within 6 hours.

Without a disaster recovery plan in place this could have been 3 or more days. Not to mention how many hours of files and work they could have lost.

A great question to ask your IT Support is “what happens if that breaks?” They should have an answer for any possible scenario. What if the building burns down, how long before we can work again??

If your business and Windows server is in London, Kent or the South East of England and you need to be certain that you and a disaster recovery plan in place. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.