Is everything about your emails perfect?

Everyone seems to have some kind of email issue…

Email is THE number one communication method for business

Do you suffer from any of the following email issues…

  1. I get far too much SPAM email and waste time deleting it all
  2. Sometimes I send an email but it never gets to its destination
  3. I’ve lost an email before that cost me money and time
  4. I was sent an important email but it never appeared, maybe it got lost?
  5. Emails on my computer, laptop and phone don’t seem to sync properly
  6. We don’t have a reliable backup of emails at work
  7. I can’t properly access emails out of the office

It’s not a lot to ask for emails to just work, and it’s not difficult or expensive to make it happen

1) SPAM can be stopped in an instant. Just by routing your email through a hosted email security server (£1.25 per month) and 99% plus of spam will never reach you again. How much time and money will that save?

2) Email not being delivered could cost you work, a contract or even a client. There are many ways to setup email delivery and a few simple tests will usually find if there’s a potential problem. Whatever the problem is, we can show you a way to get your emails delivered.

3) Losing an old email could cost you a lot of money, if you accidently deleted it months ago then it’s probably gone for good. Mail archiving stores a separate offsite copy of every email you send or receive, they’re securely stored and cannot be tampered with. A secure record of every email that can be kept for up to ten years and downloadable in a couple of clicks.

4) All emails should pass through an online security server and suspect emails kept in an online quarantine with a daily digest of any held emails sent to the users mailbox. Emails setup correctly can always be traced and never get lost.

5) For emails to correctly synchronise across computers, laptops, tablets and phones, you would ideally need an Exchange Server. An Exchange Server used to be a huge expense and quite often not an option for small businesses. “Hosted” Exchange however is priced on a per user, per month basis. All the backups, maintenance, updates and licencing is all taken care of and you just pay a small monthly fee per mailbox, currently just £4.95 and everything works perfectly from now on!

6) An email file or an email database can be gone in a split second either by accidental deletion, file corruption, theft or even fire or flood. A backup can be setup within hours of getting in contact with us, it can be run to backup every day, we can even monitor to ensure that the backup completes each day

7) It’s very easy to setup your email to be viewable from your office, home or anywhere in the world and the cost is minimal, contact us to find out what your options are. You may already have this facility but not sure how to use it?

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