Your Business Needs to take Cyber Security Seriously!

But we only have a small business, hackers wouldn’t be interested in us… Would they?

Just like a petty thief may steal a Mars bar or a professional may steal a car, there are cyber criminals that consider your business a perfect hit. You may be a one man business or employing 300 staff. Turning over £50k £500k or even £50m, no matter what, you’re a potential pay day for Cyber Criminals.

We’ve seen the evidence and heard the stories about victims of cyber crime and it’s increasing at an alarming rate.

With this in mind, we decided to find a cyber security specialist to partner up with. Easier said than done when we wanted an enterprise level service affordable to small & medium size business.

Bluedog security monitoring fitted our requirements exactly and are now our Trusted Cyber Security Monitoring & Advisory Partner.
We invested in Bluedog’s training and have attained Certified Partner Status.

Cyber Security Monitoring is so very important for every business, we have now decided to include the required selection of monitoring services to all new Managed IT Support Contracts.

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