Here’s how you can make sure your computers will be reliable every day

Which is the cheapest and better option: A computer that is slow, sometimes crashes & causes problems – or getting Enterprise level IT Maintenance for only £2 a week to keep it in FAST, stress free condition and making your staff happy and more productive


It is now possible for Small and Medium sized Businesses to benefit from Enterprise level Computer maintenance with our managed services. Every morning and throughout the day your computer will have up to 146 checks and tests run on it to ensure that everything is working as normal and in the event of failure, we will be notified immediately so we can take action

8 times out of 10 your computer issues will be resolved before you of a member of your staff even realise there’s a problem, all of this is carried out remotely so you don’t even notice that your computer has missed a beat

Maintenance is carried out to your computers every week including disk defragmenting, disk clean-up and a number of other house-keeping jobs all specifically targeted to keep your computers running at their best

“We doubted this would be of any use considering the low price but I can honestly say that we’ve only had two computer problems in the last 9 months, previously we were calling another computer repair company out every few weeks”

There is no requirement to sign up for two or three years at a time, we just offer a monthly rolling contract that you can leave at any time. And, if after the first month you don’t agree that this is fantastic value for money, we’ll give you a complete refund with no questions asked

Or, you could just carry on and let your slow computers get slower, wait for them to crash or wait for them to respond and replace them sooner than needed because you think they’re old which is making them slow!

Remember this is Enterprise Level Computer Maintenance for a very Small Business Cost, daily safety, security and performance checks and tests with immediate remote notifications to our Network Monitoring Centre. We guarantee you will love it or you can ask for a full refund after the first month with no questions asked. NO SETUP FEE THIS MONTH ONLY

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