It’s only a few days until the big Ho Ho Ho!

Every year we get so many calls after the Christmas holiday from Clients (including new Clients) with computer problems…

  1. Computer won’t turn on
  2. Lost files
  3. Lost emails
  4. Lost/stolen laptop

Computers seem to have a habit of going ‘pop’ over Christmas, only a very small amount but it happens every year.
The message here is make sure all your data is backed up (and not backed up onto the same computer) and probably make sure the computer is not left on all over Christmas.

Although people seem to lose files, they’re not always lost, they’ve just been put in the wrong folder, and yes of course some actually do get lost!
The message here again is make sure all your files and folders are safely backed up – LOSS OF DATA is the number one issue and most costly to business.

Losing emails is quite popular especially during a holiday period.
Make sure that your email backup allows you to recover files from 3 or 4 weeks back, or better still have an email archive so you never lose an email again.

I left the laptop on the train, at the Christmas party, in a restaurant… I don’t know where I left it!
Losing a laptop is bad enough but will all your files be lost too? Worse still, will your laptop fall into the wrong hands and who will get to see those files?

Be certain that all your files and folders are safely backed up and NOT in the same building, there could be a fire or flood or some other disaster, and I know it won’t happen to me… but it happens to lots of “me’s” all the time.

There’s still time to call us on 0208 123 0007 or 01689 422522 if you have any doubts or just need some advice.

Have a wonderful Christmas and an even better new year 🙂