Watch the Hacker!

This is how easily your computer or business network can be broken in to (Hacked) by the bad guys.

Everyone says “it won’t happen to me” or “we’re only a small business” but it’s happening to many small businesses every day and it’s costing them thousands!

Thanks to their automated systems scanning the internet looking for a way in to any network, if you leave a window open without knowing, it’s just a matter of time.

We asked this certified ethical hacker to show us just how easy it is to break in to your computers. He video’d from both sides… As a hacker and as a victim.


This first video shows how they encrypt all your files, making them useless and unreadable until you pay a ransom.

This second video, the hacker gets you to type your username and password into a fake login screen.

And in the final video, our hacker shows why it’s so important to keep your software up to date and not use outdated systems.

We quite often hear about the consequences of these attacks.

Some businesses can afford to pay a ransom of £50,000 or more, but most cannot!

Three questions:

  1. Did you realise how easy it is for a hacker to get into your IT systems?
  2. Do your computers and network have enough layers of security to protect your files?
  3. Are you confident that you have a “get out plan” if the worst should happen?

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