Are you at risk? Of course you’re at risk, you own the Business!!

You’re at risk from everything around you from Clients that don’t want to pay their invoices on time to employees wrecking the Company car and doubling your insurance bill.

I can’t advise you on those things but let’s see what computer related surprises could be waiting to get you and cost you big time…

Employees with digital devices… Hmmm,,, Can we have the wireless pass key for our phones please? Is there a risk here? It’s not just mobile phones, but it’s iPads, netbooks, and laptops etc. We’ve got a risk of viruses, a risk of data theft, a risk of data corruption and we even have the risk of ex employees getting within the range of the wireless network and causing havoc! If this is setup properly in the first place, it will pose no risk whatsoever but setup in a hurry without thought for security, you could be waiting for a disaster to happen.

Updates… You know that “Java update” that pops up when you start the computer, or the “Windows Update” that keeps appearing by the clock, not to mention all the updates that don’t inform you about the newer version or the security patch! Although they might be an annoyance as you have to keep on clicking “install later” these updates are really important. Software Companies become aware of security issues with their software and compatibility issues as well, the updates are the flu jab to stop things from going wrong, or at least to help stop things going wrong. Either get these installed as a priority or ask us about an automatic maintenance and update plan (which cost as little as £2 per week)

Passwords… Now too many people don’t take this computer password thing seriously enough, having a username of David and a password of david1 is of no use whatsoever. Password cracking software will probably guess that in less than a minute, so get your passwords secure: at lease 8 characters with uppercase, lower case and numbers &/or special characters. Most people who suffer from a hacker getting into their online logins only manage it because passwords are so weak. Oh and passwords to login to the work computers, every week we see passwords on stickers near computers or even a book on the desk with all the passwords for the whole Company! Wake up, please? Need password advice? Give us a call, or at least have a read of this from Microsoft about passwords

Business Class Anti-Virus… Yes I know there are free ones available but do you really expect them to give you an adequate level of protection? For FREE? Of course not, anti-virus in a Business Environment has a lot to deal with so get some good advice to point you in the right direction. You don’t want a retail package home user anti-virus product either, they are no way near as good as a Business Class Anti-Virus, they will slow your computers down and they are too expensive! Now there’s a surprise, the better one is cheaper. 01689 422522 for a pointer in the right direction or we can get it all in place for you same day.

Wise up your Staff :-)… Just by telling someone not to click on a link in an unknown email can double your safety record, because most of us got that message didn’t we? Give the employees a link to your IT specialist even if it’s just to ask a question by email when they need to, it will save you money. A few little security tips for your Staff and a “Best Practices Guide” will do more good than you can imagine.

Another Back-up tragedy… Why does this keep happening time after time? Everyone is aware that if you’re not extremely careful, one day you will lose data, Company accounts, contact and phone numbers database, communication and so much more. But still we get the call from a prospective new Client that has just had a hard drive fail and they are looking at it potentially costing them thousands of pounds or more. A reliable, monitored data back-up is not expensive to put in place and it will save you so much money one day. Talk to us today about data back-up, even if you just want advice ob how to put it in place by yourself – 01689 422522