Password thief

Urgently require a security audit check for our London computer network

It can be frightening when you think someone has had access to your computer or network.

A call at 7:20am usually means a major issue!

Luckily we start early and were able to offer some essential and fast advice to a company who had decided to look after their own IT security but didn’t realise just how easy it could be to become a phishing victim. Phishing is where you get sent an email asking you to click a link and enter a username and password. Although this person had clicked the bad link, they were entering the wrong password. It could have been an expensive mistake.

After four hours onsite and running some aggressive security tests and checks, we managed to reassure them that all was safe and well.

We’ll be putting together a proposal in the next week or so for IT security, awareness training and a full IT Support contract. They don’t want to risk that again.