Back it up, check that the data back up has completed, then restore random files from the backup…

Only then, if asked “do you have a working data back-up?” can you say yes, we do 🙂

We quite often get the phone call when you realise that actually, that data back-up that you put in place…. Well it appears that it hasn’t been backing up at all. Now that your server has crashed because the hard drive has failed and all your data is sitting on a dead hard drive! Seeing as most Businesses can’t operate without their data, this is the course of events that are typical following data loss…

  • You call us on the phone and ask us to come out, and you usually say it’s only something simple, it was working fine yesterday
  • When we walk through the door you’re hoping that we’ll just need to put a tick in a box or do a high tech restart of your server or computer
  • Immediately we notice a noise coming from one of the hard drives and you say “yes it’s been making a noise like that for a while!”
  • The hard drive will have to be sent off to a specialist for data recovery, we use the leaders “Ontrack” and they will be charging between £350 and £1200 per hard drive to recover the data
  • If you have a server with a “RAID ARRAY” you may have 3 or more hard disk drives, if the array has failed it could cost you £1200 times 3 or more hard drives
  • It’s likely to be 3 or 4 days at the earliest before your recovered data comes back (They do an express service at over double the cost, you can do the maths)
  • All your staff are now getting very bored with hovering up and cleaning the desk and even having a 3 hour lunch break at your request
  • We order new hard drives at a couple of hundred quid each (cheapest thing so far)
  • We re-install the server operating system and totally re-configure the server from scratch (if you have Small Business Server for example and ten employees, this will take us about 2 days)
  • Most of your data came back from the data recovery experts but your accounts files were unrecoverable, is this a problem?
  • We transfer all the recovered data back to your server and after a week or 10 days you’re back in business but it’s cost you a small fortune, or even a medium sized fortune.

Now if you believe all the events above, you actually let it all sink in and imagine your data GONE, you might consider properly checking and testing your data back-up plan.

Or you might just decide to dismiss all the above and convince yourself  “we’ll be alright” – let me leave you with one thought… All have drives eventually die, we have known hard drives to last 10 years and we have even know hard drives to last 10 minutes (and that was a very high spec hard drive) How long will yours last?

We have a variety of different back-up plans that we can put in place and all come at a different cost. An off site data back-up solution where your data is encrypted and then uploaded to a remote data centre every evening at close of business starts at £25 per month.

Other data backup plans could mean that if your server was stolen, or it just went bang overnight – we could have you up and running “business as normal” and no loss of data, within an hour.

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