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How Much Money Does Your IT Company Save you?

IT Support... Asset or Liability? Every potential client that I go out to has problems with their “IT stuff” That’s the reason they’re calling us right? They’re not happy with the way things are. So we sit down and have a 30 minute chat over a cup of coffee and get biscuits if we’re lucky. [...]

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Patch Tuesday & Exploit Wednesday

Patch Tuesday & Exploit Wednesday Patch Tuesday is a term used to refer to when Microsoft releases security patches and updates. Patches are released on the second and sometimes fourth Tuesday of the month although updates for Windows Defender and Security Essentials are released more frequently. Patches and updates are still not taken too seriously [...]

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Locky Ransom Malware Creates Potential IT Nightmare

Locky Malware can bring your company down The reality is that it's only a matter of time before a ransomware exploit takes your data hostage. Unfortunately, most end users are still quite naive when it comes to IT security, but hey that's down to the IT company that supports us right? No, it's down to [...]

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Top Quality Business Website Hosting

Why do we need top class website hosting? Will it really make any difference? is it a hidden problem? Cheap, or poor quality website hosting really can be a HUGE hidden LOSS OF MONEY! Cheap website hosting really can cost you a fortune in the long run if you rely on your website to bring [...]

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Email is the #1 communication method for business

Is everything about your emails perfect? Everyone seems to have some kind of email issue... Email is THE number one communication method for business Do you suffer from any of the following email issues… I get far too much SPAM email and waste time deleting it all Sometimes I send an email but it never [...]

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Hosted Exchange 2013 The Ultimate Email Solution

Hosted Exchange 2013 The Ultimate Business Email Solution and more... Hosted Exchange 2013 is more than just an email solution, it's your central location for your email, calendar, contacts, tasks and reminders and what's more you can even sync all of this information across all of your devices including: desktop and laptop and computer, tablet, [...]

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HP ML310e & Small Business Server Special Offer

SERVER Special offer, only until Friday 14th FEB This deal has to end on the 14th February If you're a small business and you need a server, you won't find a better deal than this… HP ML310e Server Mirrored RAID Hard drives (total 1TB) 12GB Memory (RAM) Small Business Server 2011 Complete setup and installation [...]

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